Give War a Chance

Posted: February 25, 2008 in culture, War

War has gotten a bad name.  I guess I can understand that–what with the killing and carnage and all–but sometimes the alternative is worse.  Often war rights what is wrong.  And when a nation makes that fateful decision to go to war, it is not one that, half-way into it you can say, “Whoops, my bad!”  You just don’t say sorry, and leave.  You finish the job begun for the same and different reasons that brought you there.  The reasons for us going to war in Iraq were well known.  I will not rehash them here.  I will only say that it was a broad, bi-partisan decision, based on the best intelligence we had.  Almost all agreed.  That includes both Clintons and John Kerry.  The price of doing nothing was worse than the cost of doing something.  Unfortunately, once the president made the tough adult decision, his political opponents all ran away when the press coverage turned ugly.  “It was Bush.  He did it!”

Historians will debate whether the right thing was done.  They will have the benefit of hindsight.  They will not have the benefit of omniscience.  They will never know how things may have been different had the U.S. not invaded Iraq.  They will not know what havoc Saddam Hussein may have wrought had he continued unabated.  They will also not be able to ascertain how much easier our path may have been if the “Give peace a Chance” chants had not drowned out the voice of national interest in the pursuit of a swift and decisive victory.

  1. Flo says:

    Very well written, Kevin. And I agree wholeheartedly. War is never pretty, but sometimes necessary.

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