I remember the calls in the early days of the Civil Rights movement for us all to stop stereotyping people.  The word stereotyping would probably be replaced with profiling in today’s parlance.  People were individuals to be judged accordingly.  We needed to stop viewing people as a member of a certain race, class or sex.  Each should be given room to be whomever he was regardless race or sex.  I wholly supported and do support that value. It was the value espoused and brilliantly articulated by Martin Luther King.  People should not be judged by “the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

How times have changed.  Not for me or others on the right.  I have always, as have most of my right leaning associates, accepted the premise that people are to be given their own due.  Something changed for our friends on the left. 

Now the profile of a real black person is to adhere to a certain political philosophy, namely latter-day liberalism.  I say latter-day liberalism to distinguish this new variety of liberalism from classic liberalism which promotes freedom for all to live by the dictates of their own conscience.  So Clarence Thomas is fair game to attack as an Uncle Tom or an Oreo: black on the outside, white on the inside.  Condoleeza Rice can be characterized as an Aunt Jemima by a liberal Chicago cartoonist.  None in the mainstream press find it the least bit offensive.  After all, they are not towing the party line.  If they had been genuine black people they would not be conservative.  All Black people think alike!

So by this construct Al Sharpton is a real black man.  So is Jesse Jackson.  So is Barak Obama, even though he is biologically only half black.  Why, even Bill Clinton is black!  He has been dubbed the first black president.

Shelby Steele, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell are not real black people, despite their biological pedigree.  They don’t think right.  Bill Cosby is suspect.

Likewise women are not really women unless they cling to the feminist line.  And the main policy position for the liberal feminist is that you must advocate for liberal abortion policy.  On this score Hillary Clinton is a real woman.  Even though she rose to prominence on the coattails of her husband, and stood by her man through all his “indiscretions.”  That bio should have landed her outside the feminist graces.  But she is radically pro-abortion.  She qualifies as a real woman. 

Because Sarah Palin is pro-life, she is not a real woman.  So said the head of the National Organization for Women.  Interesting that these feminist women who have spent their adult lives trying to emulate their male counterparts now claim the right to define what a real woman is.  I think they may have lost touch with what real womanhood entails.  They should watch Sarah Palin closely.  They could regain a view of what they lost. 

Sarah Palin can decimate her adversaries with a well-turned phrase, a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face while changing a diaper and cleaning her rifle.  (And look good doing it.)  Somehow she can do it all in that uniquely feminine way. Wasn’t that the goal of the early feminist movement?  You can do whatever you want and be whomever you want to be.  You can do it all.  Palin does it all.  She took on the old boy network in Alaska, and won.  Sarah (as she is known to her Alaskan constituents) could be the poster girl for the feminist ideal.  She is a self-made woman who beat the big boys at their own game and did it her way. She did it all while maintaining a family.  She is the epitome of the successful working mother.  But, alas, she gets no credit from feminist groups because she doesn’t want women to kill their babies in utero.  She is no real woman.   Just ask Gloria Steinem.




  1. shawnbarr says:

    This is a timely message. In a day where people say they are “tolerant”; there is actually little tolerance for ideas and opinions contrary to our own. The media is the worst at this. Thanks for the post.

  2. Marie Shull says:

    Great article, baby brother. Much love, your ex-feminist sister, Marie.

  3. Alison says:

    Hi Kevin, good to see you put your writing skills to good use in a blog. Isn’t that Jessica holding the baby. I thought about blogging but I’d be afraid to let people know what I REALLY think. Your fellow “amatuer” writing friend – Alison S.

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