Is God Pro-Choice?

Posted: September 25, 2008 in Abortion, culture
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                             “I am pro-choice, because God is pro-choice.”  These words came from the mouth of a retired missionary from our church.  We were having a small group gathering at his house with members of the class I led.  The statement came unsolicited and I believe it was meant to get attention.  I thought there was a punch line to follow.  None came.  He was serious.  That was about fifteen years ago.

            Recently I have heard similar statements coming from the mouths of some Christians who support Barak Obama for president. 

            So, is God pro-choice? 

           I would say that God is pro-choice in much the same way I was pro-choice as a parent.  Many decisions I would leave to my children.  “Do you want to wear the Superman underwear today or the Spiderman?”  Neither choice was right or wrong.  Either choice would be fine.  Take your pick.

            I think God is all for us making choices within the parameters of his will.  I part company here with many Christians who think that God has but one way for his children to go.  Take one false step and you miss the perfect will of God.  Life becomes a big guessing game and each step precarious to the serious Christian trying to please God.  I think God says, “Hey, if you want to wear the Superman underwear, that is fine.  The Spiderman underwear is fine too.”  (My Calvinist bent causes me to believe that God is always working things out just as He planned.  I just find it counter-productive and somewhat foolish to think we will know His whole plan before it happens.  We must live our lives in the best light we have as we follow him.)

            There were other choices my children made that brought with them consequences.  “Get over here right now, or else!”  (I really didn’t say, “Or else,” it was just understood.) At that point the child could decide to come to me or not.  But the “or not” would lead to the “or else.”  They usually understood that the “or else” was not something they wanted to experience.  Did I give them a choice?  No!  But as free moral agents they could choose to obey or not obey.  But the not obeying part brought with it a penalty.  Wisdom, and a sense of self-protection usually made them choose correctly.

            When God put Man in the Garden of Eden He allowed him all kinds of room for choice.  “Eat from any tree you like.  Do what you want.  Name the animals as you choose.  Have a ball.  Knock yourself out!  With just this one exception: don’t eat from this One Tree.”  This one choice had moral gravity. To eat from that tree will bring severe consequences.  If you eat from that tree you will to die.

            Recently a friend who supports Obama posted a response on a web site to the effect that God is pro-choice, citing this Garden of Eden incident as biblical proof.  God let Adam choose whether to eat of the fruit or not. 

            Excuse me!  God said, “Don’t eat of it!”  Adam was not given a choice.  He could obey or disobey.  To disobey would bring consequences.  Of course, Adam chose disobedience and suffered the consequences.  We can always choose to disobey.  We cannot choose the consequences of that disobedience.

            When I drive in a 70 mph zone, I can choose to drive 80.  I am not allowed to drive 80.  When I see the lights from the patrol car and hear the siren, I know I am about to suffer the consequences of the choice to disobey.  Are “pro-choicers” saying that I should be able to drive whatever speed I choose and face no legal consequence?  May I choose to steal my neighbor’s Toro without fear of repercussion?  May I kill my irritating co-worker and suffer no penalty?  Should a woman be free to kill her innocent child and be applauded by society as exercising her right over her own body?

God said (among the top ten) “You shall not murder.”  I see no choice offered in the matter.  Still people murder.  People exercise their choice (not their right) to murder.  If caught and convicted they are punished by a just legal system.  If they get away with it here, I trust that God will bring justice to bear in His time.

            The idea that God is pro-choice in the matter of abortion (or any other sin for that matter) is ludicrous.  But go ahead and choose vanilla over chocolate; Superman over Spiderman; boxers over briefs.  God takes no issue with such things.  But to kill one of these innocents is to put yourself at odds with an angry God.   And for those who encourage such killing, Jesus said, “It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around is neck then for him to cause one of these little ones to sin” (Luke 17:2, NIV).

  1. shawnbarr says:

    Great, thoughtful article. By the way, I’m locking up my Toro.

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