Another Chapter in the Clinton Legacy

Posted: October 15, 2008 in culture
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It is amazing how fully William Jefferson Clinton has had his reputation and legacy srubbed clean by the willing scribes of the mainstream press. He is now regarded a wise and venerable senior statesman. Gone are the late night references to the stained blue dress and the creative uses for fine cigars. Few seem to remember that he was disbarred as an attorney. He survived conviction in the impeachment hearings because Democrats in the Senate did not regard obstruction of justice, subbornation of perjury, and lying under oath as high crimes or misdemeanors, as long as they were committed in the pursuit of covering up a sleazy affair with a barely legal White House intern.

Now he travels the world looking wise and presidential. He even hangs out with his old nemesis George H. W. Bush who lends him his credibility. He waxes wise on issues great and small. People come from near and far to sit at his feet, or just to touch his feet. How far he has come.

Clinton didn’t exit the White House under he best of circumstances. Now, according to some, he is obsessed about his legacy. But one looks in vain to find anything positive that he accomplished during his term of office. People will point to the robust economy and relative peace. (Ignore those angry Somalis wielding those machetes. Yes, those are our marines paraded on a skewer through the streets of Mogadishu. Best not to look. Hey, check out my 401K! It is rocking. Well, it was until that dadgum bubble burst.)

Remember though, that the Republican and the Republican agenda was responsible for much of that economic progress. The failures of the Democrats in control of the White House and Congress led to the installation of a Republican Congress in 1994 for the first time in forty years. Newt Gingrich and the Contract With America had much to do with the progress of the Clinton years, for which they receive no credit or thanks.  (For a quick refresher on the Clinton economy read Rich Lowry at .) That was back when Republicans acted like Republicans. They practiced fiscal restraint, understood the magic of free markets, reduced taxes and balanced budgets. Well at least they still cut taxes. (But I digress.)

When you think of the memorable things Bill Clinton ever said, tell me that the first thing that comes to mind is not, “I did not have sex with that woman.” Bill Clinton has been doing everything he can, helped by the media, to repair that tarnished image. For the most part, he has been more successful than anyone could have imagined.

But then a story comes along like the one this morning on Good Morning America. It seems that oral cancer has been increasing at an alarming rate among young, fit, non-smoking young adults. What is the reason for that increase, and how does that relate to Bill Clinton? Glad you asked.

These oral cancers are precipitated by the Human Papillomavirus. The HPV attaches itself inside the mouth through sexual contact. That is, oral sex may lead to oral cancer. It is more prevalent among those with many partners.

Bill Clinton insisted he was not having sex with “that woman” because the sex was oral. He did not even consider it sex. Who can forget the Oprah story that featured a number of middle school girls who admitted they all engaged in casual oral sex with their classmates. It was not sex, they said. They had heard that said somewhere. It was a safe practice. They even made up games. Middle school girls and boys attended “rainbow parties” in which each girl would wear a different shade of lipstick. The guy who won the game had the most mulit-colored “rainbow” on his male member at the end of the night.

Bill Clinton made it socially acceptable among young kids to engage in oral sex as if it were a parlor game. Consequences? What consequences? But as Jeremiah Wright might say, Bill Clinton’s “chickens have come home to roost.” The alarming increase of oral cancer among this group who began in middle school to engage in oral sex with multiple partners is, in part, another sorry chapter in the sordid legacy of William Jefferson Clinton.


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