Sense and Nonsense

Posted: October 20, 2008 in Barak Obama, culture
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Back in the late 6o’s the Bee Gees sang, “It’s only words, and word are all I have to take your heart away.” Words used well are powerful things. Ronald Reagan understood it. He knew how to use words to advance an argument or to rally a nation. Churchill certainly understood it. When England was being pummeled by the German Luftwafa during the Battle of Britain he used the most powerful weapon in his arsenal to defend his nation. He used his words. He rallied the nation. Perhaps he saved the nation.

Too bad so few of the political class understand the power words can wield. Obama seems to get it. Unfortunately words do not need to be true or an accurate reflection of one’s belief in order to elicit the desired response. Such is the case with Obama. It has been noted that he says nothing better than anybody in politics today. Read Larry Thornberry in the American Spectator On-line on the way both campaigns have skewed logic to the point you might ask, “Did I hear that right?” Read it here:


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