Top Ten Reasons to Rejoice Over Obama Victory

Posted: November 5, 2008 in Barak Obama, culture, racism
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If you have followed my blog at all (or if you have stood within ten feet of me over the last year) you know that I am not the biggest fan of Barak Obama (to put it mildly). This election bodes many bad things for America. I will blog on those in the future. But I am a realist. Obama is the president-elect. It helps not at all to deny that truth. I am also an optimist. You might say I am a realistic optimist. I try to live by the injunction to “Rejoice always.” In the spirit of seeing things in the best light, I offer my top ten reasons to rejoice over Obama’s victory.

10. The race is over. No more political ads!

9. We may be allowed to call him by his full name now–Barak Hussein Obama, much like we could call Hillary Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton after her husband was elected. It will no longer be deemed impolitic to do so. I think.

8. This will help the Republican party to understand that they need to nominate a better candidate in the future. Preferably someone who can articulate a clear vision of a conservative future. Emphasis on “articulate” and “conservative.”

7. They will have to stop blaming George W. Bush for every problem found anywhere on the globe. I am afraid it will take a couple years for this to kick in. They will still accuse him of everything for a while because “he screwed things up so badly it will take much longer to clean it up.” But eventually, they will have to step up and take ownership of the problems they will inevitably create and exacerbate.

6. It will be fun watching the Democrats implode as they each jockey for position.

5. We may stop hearing the claim that America is a racist nation. Enough already!

4. No Hillary Clinton in 2012.

3. It might be fun to be the critic of the administration for the next four years. I will not feel the need to defend every decision made by the president. I will be able to look down my nose at those defenders of this administration.  Will they be able to turn off the vitriolic attacks that have been part of their make-up for the last 8 years? They may need to learn a new language. It will be fun to watch.

2. We can go back to clinging to our guns and religion. Although I will have to actually go buy a gun. In times of crisis, people really do return to their faith they once deserted. This could give added energy to America’s churches. Time will tell.

1. Our first African American president. It truly is a great day when the American people have thrown off the history of racism, the legacy of slavery and the indecency of Jim Crow laws. I would certainly have preferred that the first black president to be a J. C. Watts or Michael Steele, but it truly is good that we have moved past the prejudices of the past to elect a black man as president. I saw in the eyes and body language of those black people watching Obama’s excellent acceptance speech that they felt a sense of validation and vindication. Perhaps the better word is “authentication.” Blacks have been very successful in sports, in entertainment and in local politics. But this is much bigger. A black man will now be reckoned with men like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Kennedy. African Americans now have more a sense that this is not just the White Man’s country. This is my country. That is a very good thing.

  1. James Collingsworth says:

    I have to disagree that Bush has screwed things up. Yes i will agree a lot of bad things have happened since he’s been in office but there have been 2 things that have hindered him from helping out our country…1 our congress.. who have denied thing after thing from bush. 2. bill clinton…after taking some college courses and looking through the past ive noticed that every good president was a result of the previous president who usually was looked at as a failure…Bill clinton besides the whole thing with monaka actaually was a good president because of the economy..and it was this way because of Sr. Bush who set the goal when Clinton went into office..Clinton then screwed things up so that eventually when it got to George W. Bush its made him look like a when it comes down to it i think that Bush was actaully a average president who was hindered by 2 opposisions that unfortunately could do nothing about.

  2. kevinphillips says:

    No, you misunderstood. I do not think Bush screwed things up. I am putting that in the mouth of those who blame him for every problem we have. Hence, quotation marks. I think Bush did an amazing job against all odds. And I will take on any comers who will try to demonstrate otherwise. After 9-11 the economy was virtually shut down. The Dow plunged to around 7,500. Things were dire. In five years the stock market nearly doubled. The Dow surged to over 14,000 before the mistakes of the Democrats in Congress, and at Fannie Mae (Franklin Raines) and Freddie Mac caused the current market crisis. We saw a nearly unprecedented 58 months of economic growth. If the last eight years were led by a Democrat, we would still be hearing how wonderful the times were, despite the odds. It was truly remarkable. It is all about the spin. I trust, as Reagan did, that history will treat Bush better than the members of the “nattering nabobs of negativism” who currently hold court in the mainstream media.

  3. shawn says:

    Good stuff Kevin. I especially agree with your last point. Regardless of who we would have liked to won, it is a remarkable thing for the black community and our country to have a black president.

  4. kendra says:

    Black man as President? Naw, come back to me when you’ve elected an Asian. Then we’ll talk. 🙂

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