Can We Spare the Change?

Posted: November 13, 2008 in 1, Abortion, Barak Obama, culture, Economics

Change is good, right? Of course! Change is always good.

Have you enjoyed the safety we’ve experienced since 9-11-2001? On 9-12-2001 nobody would have made book that we would have avoided another major terrorist strike against the United States for the balance of the Bush tenure. We have. But that could change. And change is good, right?

Some changes take longer than others to kick in and make a difference. Take the change that the Clinton administration implemented when they forced banks and lending institutions to change the rules on whom they should lend money to. It was about getting more and more people into their own homes. That is a good thing, right? It was especially important to Clinton and his hammer, Janet Reno, that minorities got funding to buy their own homes. Too few minorities owned their own home. That needed to be corrected. They needed full access to the American dream. Good goal.

Question: What is affordable housing? Answer: Houses for people who can’t afford them. That bubble lasted a good while. It had a good run. But eventually that bubble was going to burst because economic laws are unbreakable. Hence, the mortgage crisis, which led to the financial crisis, which led to the stock market crash, which led to . . . well, Barak Obama. But change is good, Right?

Despite the talk of how terrible the last eight years have been economically, most of that time was a time of growth. Fifty-eight months of growth is not a bad thing. The Dow’s post 9-11 move from 7,400 to over 14,000 in five years is remarkable. Who would have predicted it? Nobody did! But there it was. Two years ago we decided to change leadership in the Senate and House. The Dow is (as of this writing, because who can keep up with its decline since the election?) just below 8,000. But, change is good, right?

Bush gave us two excellent Supreme court justices who believe it is their job to interpret the Constitution rather than make it up as they go along. Obama promises to change that. And change is good, right?

Bush has been consistent in pursuing the war on terror. He has committed the US to establishing freedom and democracy in places like Afganistan and Iraq. It is now legal for girls to attend school in Kabul. They need not cover their faces in public. Freedom is coming to Iraq for perhaps the first time in its long history. But Barak Obama is tired of our commitment to establishing democracy there. This commitment could change when he takes office. And change is good, right?

Bush signed the ban on partial birth abortion. He would not allow embryos to be killed for the misty promises of miraculous cures unsupported by the evidence. Obama wants to change all that. He will sign the Orwellian Freedom of Choice Act.  This act will eliminate all restrictions on abortion in every state in the Union by executive fiat.  But change is good, right?

My body is changing.  I used to be able to read 6 point type without glasses.  Now 6 point type just looks like dust on the paper.  I can’t read it with my glasses.  I used to bounce back from a basketball game nearly as quickly as a basketball.  I once had thick dark brown hair.  But that has all changed.  But I keep hearing that change is good.

Well, the times, they are a changin‘.  And change is good. Right?

  1. shawn says:

    You once had dark brown hair. I want to see pictures 🙂

  2. Ken Wooten says:

    Hey Kevin…you observations are both sage and right on! You are quite the communicator with pen & paper (er…type & internet). Even though you sight is weaker, your vision is quite sharp!

  3. Ken Wooten says:

    I forgot the r on two you’s…unbelievable! You observations & your sight…sorry!

  4. Ken Wooten says:

    I did it again on your observations…oh brother…

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