You Say You Want a Revolution?

Posted: November 25, 2008 in 1


Monday, November 8, 2008

What have you done? Yes, you. The ones who, despite all the dire warnings by critics like me and obfuscation by the candidate, went ahead and voted Barak Hussein Obama in anyway. Be careful what you wish for. The first indication of the problems which lie ahead have already emerged. The markets responded by selling off. The Dow dropped over 700 points since he was elected. The second harbinger of the stormy days to come is the selection of Rahm Emmanuel as Obama’s Chief of Staff. The appointment of the former Clinton aide–one of the most partisan Liberals in Congress–does not bode well for those of you who were confident that Mr. Obama would lead from the center.

As I looked into the faces of those in attendance (perhaps 200,000–not 1 million) I saw the same looks I saw as a child watching the Beatles concert on the black and white screen. They were looks, not of settled conviction or just exuberant jubilation, but of unabashed idolatry. They were worshipping at the feet of their nascent savior. I didn’t actually see any swooning, but wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. I am not now talking about the Black people in the crowd. We could rightly chalk that up to having gained a sense of authentication and vindication for years of discrimination and second-class status. I give them a pass. Let them rejoice.

I was more concerned with those young White kids (and old White kids, some of whom may have actually swooned at a Beatles concert) who stood rapt and riveted to every word falling like a benevolent rain on their otherwise parched world. They heard nothing. It was very well said. And with every, “Yeah, yeah, yeah” they screamed uncontrollably.

Who are these people? Many are intelligent people. Intelligent people sometimes make very stupid choices. They remind one of the pretty honor student who always picks the wrong guy. It is either the lugheaded jock whom she makes excuses for, as he chases every skirt on the cheerleading squad. When he finally catches one and dumps her she finds the tattooed and pierced drummer with the drug addiction. She assures her friends that he has changed. He really does love her. He is going to get his act together.

I don’t blame people like my young Socialist friend. He enthusiastically supported Barak Obama. He knew what he was getting. He wants revolutionary change.  He is getting what he wants.

But you? You were thinking, against all evidence to the contrary, that you were voting for a warm slice of the American pie. In Biden’s famous words, because he was “clean and articulate” you thought Obama held the same American values as you. He does not. All his early mentors were of the radical stripe. One, Saul Alinsky (through his writing, especially his Rules for Radicals) taught Obama to hide who he really is long enough to grab the reigns of power. Then the radical can really get something done.

Congratulate yourself. It was you who pushed him to victory.

“La, la, la, la, life goes on.”


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