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Jerry Falwell was taking questions after one of his talks at a secular university.  One young lady came to the mic and said, “I am a very liberal lesbian and I don’t agree with anything you said about abortion.”

Falwell aptly replied, “I’m sorry, but I fail to see how you, of all the people in this room should care about abortion.”

I have been thinking about some of the incongruities we have been menaced with recently.  Here are just a few. 

I find it a bit incongruous that most people who worry about vanishing or endangered species are also staunch believers in evolution.  Isn’t that what is supposed to happen in the evolutionary model.  The weaker species die off.  Evolution runs its course.  The weak lose.  The strong survive.  Where is the problem?  Why must man now intercede for the losers?  That should be the question for the consistent evolutionist.  But it is not.  And, ironically, there are not a few who think that man, the crown jewel and highest order in the evolutionary chain, is the biggest bane on the planet ,and maybe it would be best if man just died off, in order to save the planet.  And by “planet” they mean the lower forms of life, like amoeba, worms, whales and Chris Brown.

Another incongruity today’s lap dog media have lapped up is the idea that the same president who just proposed spending more money than anybody in history is now going to get serious about getting the deficit under control.  Need anything more be said on this?

Staying with presidential incongruities, I know I am not the only one who sees the irony in these two examples of Obama’s hypocrisy.   He insisted the “economic stimulus” plan had to be passed immediately or it could mean the end of civilization as we knew it.  Never mind that no senator had the chance (or even the inclination) to read the thing.  Once it was passed, he delayed in signing it while he took his wife to Chicago for Valentine’s Day.   He took the corporate jet.  They call it Air Force One.

This leads to the next incongruity.  It was totally fine for Obama to fly to Chicago on such urgent national business in the people’s jet, but not okay for Corporate executives to do so in jets their corporation purchased for just such reasons.

He is for the working man.  So he devises policies which hurt all those working people. People such as those who manufacture corporate jets, for instance, or those who work in the tourist industry (hotel clerks, waiters, drivers, etc.) who find themselves out of work because the money from the corporate “fat cats” stayed home.  The executives are staying home because Obama calls them out for taking business junkets.  The money is not trickling down like it used to.  But everybody knows that trickle down doesn’t work, so ignore the incongruity.

The press had a massive hissy fit when Bush spent $40 million on his second inaugural while the troops were in Iraq.  How could he do such a thing?  But when Obama spent half a billion on his inaugural, the press celebrated the fact.  The troops were still in Iraq.  The economy was tanking.  Banks were crashing.  But in Washington we were partying.  The composite reaction of the press: “The country needs a party.”  Anybody see the incongruity here?

Here are a few more.

Biggest selling books: cookbooks.  Second biggest selling books: diet books.

 Americans have an obsession with fitness.  More Americans are obese than ever.

The earth has been in a cooling trend since 1998.  The last two years have been exceptionally cold.  Of course this leads to new calls to curb global warming with each day.

And Janeane Garofalo stars in this season of 24 as a dedicated FBI agent concerned with national security.  That is incongruous as a lesbian worried that she’ll be denied an abortion.


More examples of incongruities?  Send them by way of comment to this post.

  1. Karen says:

    I don’t see how Jerry Falwell, as a human without a uterus, should care about abortion.

  2. kevinphillips says:

    I think he was more concerned about the baby being killed inside the uterus.

  3. Karen says:

    He’s not a fetus either, so by his own logic, he shouldn’t care.

  4. bz says:

    He use to be a fetus, and he has produced fetuses, and may produce more fetuses (as awkward as that sounds but hey, free world) so it’s kinda like caring about having good kindergarten classes even though you’ve graduated, but you know that you will have friends and family go through kindergarten classes. Lesbians by definition would not reproduce, ending any such argument for or against abortion since it’s a moot point for them.
    Another way of looking at it: even though I’m not Korean, I don’t think it’s right to kill Koreans because they inconvenience my life with their bad driving and spicy food and such (apologies to the Koreans that does not apply to).

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