Hard-hitting Journalism GMA Style

Posted: June 10, 2009 in Barak Obama, culture, Journalism, Judicial activism, Media bias

When a Republican president nominates a conservative candidate to the Supreme Court you can expect that the long knives will soon flash to slash.  The knives will be wielded by the Liberal opponents in Congress, for sure, who believe it is their God-given right to pack the courts with other Liberals who beleive the Constitution is so much putty in their creative hands.  Without such creative types on the court we would never have gotten such clear constitutional precepts enacted like abortion on demand and bussing kids to schools in the next county.  Both wonderful ideas that have made all our lives so much richer.  They could never happen if you only had people on the Supreme Court who actually believed it was their job to read the Constitution and judge accordingly.

So when a conservative president nominates his candidate ,Liberals are rightly offended.  How dare he!  But it is not just the opponents in Congress who go on the righteous crusade against this potential interloper on their judicial property.  More significantly, it is the media who draw out, not just long knives, but swords against the would-be usurper.  The pen (as well as the video editing machine) is mightier than the sword.

This is not the case when a liberal nominates a fellow liberal to the High Court.  Then we get treated with the sweet human interest stories about the compelling life story of the candidate who came from nowhere and with nothing to a federal judgeship on the sheer force of his or her intellect and soundness of judgement.

Enter Barak Obama and Sonia Sotomayor.  Enter Good Morning America (whose personalities I like, despite myself).  Were  Clarence Thomas the nominee (and who has a more compelling personal life history than he?) the stories coming from the mainstream are about how he really isn’t black at all.  Well he is genetically, they concede, but not intellectually.  He thinks like a White man!  The background stories find people whom he beat up in the 5th grade and leaders of the Civil Rights organizations he has victimized with his rulings.  The general tenor the viewer or reader is to deduce is that Thomas is a bad man.  He is not worthy to sit in the seat of such giants as Thurgood Marshall.

But the nominee in question is not conservative.  She is liberal.  So the story we are treated with on GMA is the touching human interest story featuring a person totally unbiased: Juan Sotomayor.  He happens to be the brother of said candidate.  It turns out that Sonia is just the most wonderful big sister ever.  Juan gets very touchy if someone accuses her of racism.  He can’t even find a word low enough to describe a person who would characterize his sister such.  He wishes he could write a new dictionary to create a word that could capture the inhumanity of such a comment.  Not kidding.

Asked about the “wise Latina” comment, Juan says it was just taken out of context.  “What did she mean by that?”  He doesn’t have any idea.  He just knows it was taken out of context.  And though nobody is accusing Sonia of being a racist, the comment certainly is, at least to those who read words for what they mean, using standard dictionaries, not ones created by Harry Blackmun or Juan Sotomayor.

So we have nothing to fear from this wise Latina woman.  She will certainly judge more wisely and correctly than some shriveled up White dude. 

Thanks Good Morning America, for always getting to the nub of the story and bringing to the public, hard-hitting truths others won’t touch.

You can view the journalistic gem for yourself at: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/story?id=7796835&page=1


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